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By Arun

An Ultimate guide to be your own coach to solve any problems in your life. This e-Book covers
-Self-counseling, Guidance, and Motivation

-How to stay focus and lead your way in distress

-How to deal your tough times


-> June 2020 Edition 

-> eBook comes with full PLR rights

-> 12000+ words covering 40 pages

-> Self help & powerful motivation


Find Your Life’s Direction

Hello ebook lovers,Psychologists have been researching for decades how long-term, concrete goals develop over our life span. The goals that foster a sense of purpose are those that can potentially change other people’s lives, such as starting an organization, researching illnesses, or teaching children to read.Indeed, a sense of intent seems to have developed in humans so we can achieve great things together — which may be why it is correlated with improved physical and mental health. In an evolutionary sense the purpose is adaptive. 
It helps survival for both individuals and the species. Many seem to believe that purpose stems from your special gifts and distinguishes you from others — but that’s just a part of the truth. It also grows out of our connection with others that is why a purpose crisis is often a symptom of isolation. If you find your route, you will almost certainly find others who travel with you, hoping to achieve the same destination — a group.Why is it so difficult to find a reason for our lives? There is definitely no lack of problems that need solving in this country. There is no limit to the amount of people we can aid, or encourage, or provide support. There is no limit on the amount of passions we may be following. And our meaning in life still seems literally out of reach.
There are many reasons why you may not be aware of your direction in life. Often, it’s because the issues of the world seem too high. Or we do seem to be too little. Perhaps we’re just tired from life and don’t know where we’re going to find the courage to fight for what is really important to us.
That is what we are going to discuss in this book. This book would not only help you in finding your life’s direction but also help you get back on your course during tough times in your life. Hopefully, this book would help you in shaping your life the way you want it to be.